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Hi, my name is Chetak...I'm a world traveler.  I was born in India and had a bit of a rough start.  When I was only a small puppy, one month old, my first family didn’t want me anymore and they threw me off a two-story balcony.  Luckily, a lovely woman found me wrapped in newspaper and she took me to a doctor.  I had a severe spinal fracture and four broken legs but an indomitable spirt.  The doctor thought it might best to send me over the Rainbow Bridge.  But a second angel, Aarti, wouldn’t have any of that!  She looked into my eyes and knew that I was special.  I had several months of excruciating pain but I also had lots of care and love!  My spine and back legs didn’t heal all the way but I can scoot really fast!  Want to race me?

#Rescue #LOVE #Grateful

When I was about one year old, my new mommy saw me on a video and instantly fell in love.  After I received medical clearance, along with the necessary travel & customs requirements, I was loaded in a roomy crate and headed to California, USA!!  I travelled from New Delhi, India to Amsterdam, Denmark and then onto San Francisco, California.  I arrived on May 19, 2016 and I have been on the go with my new family ever since!

#JetLag #PottyBreak #CaliforniaDreamin

When I arrived, I saw that I would live in a really nice house with a really big yard.  I also got a new set of wheels!  It has big knobby tires with a cool camo paint job!  Since then, I have gotten a few other wheelchairs several of which my Grandpa and mommy built.  When my family visits where I came from in India, they plan to bring some wheelchairs for other dogs there that had a rough start just like me.

#GiveBack #Share #Wheels

Among my many new adventures is that I got a job!  Yes, a real job!  I work as an Office Assistant at my mom’s Chiropractic office, C2 Living Well.  The two C’s stand for me and my mommy, Chetak & Cree.  The patients love and adore me and one of my main responsibilities is receiving non-stop belly rubs.  Someone has to do it, why not me!?! 

#WorkHard #FeelGood #DrCree

I love to travel, see and do new things.   I’ve gone snow skiing in Lake Tahoe, swam in the Pacific, run through wine country vineyards, gone camping & kayaking, and I even climbed a mountain.  But even though I love all these amazing adventures, it comes down to the simple things…rubs and kisses from the people I love, walks with my furry friends, a big bowl of kibble, and soft place to lay my head.  I am incredibly lucky and so happy to be alive!  I have a powerful purpose in life!  I am here to show everyone who crosses my path that despite how my life started, I have nothing but love, joy and pure gratitude in my heart!! Life is about perspective…happiness is a choice!

#AdaptAndOvercome #DesiDogs #JOY #ChetakStrong

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